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Family-Like Environment

""Peppermint tree is a great place for your child to start school. The staff and feeling is so comforting and family like! I love that everyone is so willing to let me know how my daughter is doing and give advice as I am a young new mother and really could use it.

I know if there is ever a question or concern with any event or activity involved with the school Mrs. Val is very quick to answer through email or phone. My daughter never even has to tell me what she is learning because it comes out in the changes I see in her every week. I also feel the teachers go 110% to keep up with the newest, latest fun activities for the kids to do as well as keep them interested in learning. So far my experience with Peppermint Tree has been amazing and I'm glad I chose this school among others."

Bethany Landero, May 2013

Exceptional Staff

"I am a full time working mom and often struggle with the reality that I am often not home during the week to spend time with and teach my children.

It makes me feel very comfortable to know that both of my children are not missing out on any learning experiences from me not being home during the week, because I have watched them grow so much since they have been at Peppermint Tree. All of the staff at Peppermint Tree are exceptional and Miss Val should be very proud of all of them. She has an outstanding team on her hands."

Krista Sipe, May 2013

An Atmosphere of Fun, Active Learning

"The Peppermint Tree School has created an atmosphere in which children actively participate in the learning process and have fun while learning.

My children are always excited to discuss the day's lessons and activities and I love hearing about the new things they learn each day. Thank you for giving my children such a wonderful learning experience!"

Mary Bell, May 2013

Tom has been excelling in first grade, representative through his first report card (second is due next week) and through comments from his teacher. Tom was able to learn not only academic facts while attending full day Kindergarten at Peppermint Tree, but also the means to communicate with teachers and other students, while challenging his ability to pay attention through the course of a full day.

The skills he learned including basic math concepts, reading sight words and understanding the hierarchy of a school scenario set him up for success in 1st Grade.

As Tom progresses and I see the abilities of his friends and family members at similar stages, I credit Peppermint Tree for his ability to learn quickly and continue to expand on his existing skills. Thanks for all that you and the staff did for him while he was there! You have all left a mark on him that will stay with him.

Sandy Lundin

I just wanted to thank you for all that you do for the Peppermint Tree. It is so clear to see your creative hand behind the workings of the school, and it's really great! My son had such a great time this year in Pre-K, and the fact that he was crying today (at graduation) shows how much the school and his friends touched his heart. It's going to be hard transitioning into public school after all the fun he's had at Peppermint Tree!

The experience between Peppermint Tree and his previous preschool is a night and day experience. I was happy there, they are sweet people there and they love kids, they are really nice..but there is just such a different intimate vibe at the Peppermint Tree. I love the intimacy of it, I am so glad I made the choice to send him there

The graduation ceremony was so adorable, I just loved it. The kids have been playing the CD all day long! That was a really sweet gift for the kids., Your husband, Mr. Scott the Music Man is so talented, they are loving that "Move Your Feet to the Beat" song. I'm even dancing to that one! I think they have played that song about 50 times today.

Thanks again and have a great summer!

Kristy Abellar

My son, Zachary, has been attending The Peppermint Tree since age 2 years. The care, warmth and structure he has been provided since day one has always amazed me - the commmittment of staff, their dedication to children - simply amazing.

When Peppermint Tree announced the opportunity of full day Kindergarten, I was so happy! Our district does not offer full day kindergarten. After the exceptional learning environment of Peppermint Tree for preschool and pre-kindergarten, the option of half day kindergarten was not appealing as I did not think it would meet his developmental and academic needs. In addition, I thought my son would benefit from a smaller class structure with more individual attention and structured curriculum.

In fact, he has! Since September, my son has blossomed! He is reading sight words independently, beginning addition math facts and the best news: he loves learning! He wants to read! He wants to do homework! He loves, loves, loves absorbing more information. I am also very, very pleased with his social and emotional development. He is surrounded by warmth, support and compassion, and because of that - he has himself attained the very same skills.

I made a great decision keeping him at Peppermint Tree. The Toms River School District has great resources and is a great district, but the additional year of a smaller, less competitive academic setting has proven to be a stellar choice on our behalf. I am very happy to have him enrolled in the Kindergarten program at the Peppermint Tree.


The purpose of this letter is to outline the experiences our family has had at the Peppermint Tree Learning Center in the Full Day Kindergarten class. Our child is in his third year attending Peppermint Tree classes, during which he has experiencing many new things and learned lessons that each young child must learn to be successful in the early years of schooling.

Keeping our son in Peppermint Tree for Full Day Kindergarten was an easy decision, even though there was an opportunity to choose the half day option at the local public school. During his time in Kindergarten, he has developed into a student, looking forward to learning and truly enjoying the exposure to new and challenging subjects. Being in one location for the full day provides him the opportunity to learn more than is permitted without the full day of focus on learning.

During the first month of Kindergarten he mastered counting to 100 and now can count by 10s and add and subtract. Most recently he has begun counting money and can determine how much money he needs to buy a new toy!

Reading and writing are also a key component of what he is learning and his ability to recognize many sight words is enabling him to now sound out additional, more complex words, putting him on his way to reading full sentences, in Kindergarten!

Exposure to art, music and other areas of study are incorporated into the day by Mrs. Sullivan, his teacher, and there is always something new that he has learned.

The Full Day Kindergarten program at Peppermint Tree has exceeded my expectations of our son’s first dabble into true schooling. The ability to provide for our son a full day experience to set the stage for 1st Grade and beyond has truly been one of the best decisions our family could have made.

Thank you Mrs. Sullivan and Thank you Peppermint Tree for all that you do for the children.

Mike and Sandy Lundin

I am so happy with Peppermint Tree. There are a lot of positive things that I could say! The thing that first attracted me was how it felt very cozy and it reminded me of the small and intimate preschool that I went to as a kid.

I love that there is daily feedback about how things went that day and there is only one pre-k class, which just reminds me of the "good-ole days". I was also impressed with how the director, Miss Val, stays current with early childhood education and brings exciting things to the school to enrich the kids' experiences. My son is well cared for by experienced teachers, and all of these things add up to a secure and loving preschool experience! My son loves pre-k and I know he'll miss Peppermint Tree when it's time to move on to public school.

Kristy A., Mother of a 4-yr-old boy

Luke, a four and 1/2 year old, has attended Peppermint Tree since he was three. It has been a wonderful experience for Luke.

We are so impressed by what he has learned at your school during the past year and 1/2. Each day we become more amazed at the skill sets he is acquiring from attending your school.

In addition, Luke would really like to attend 7 days a week……He absolutely loves going to Peppermint Tree. We thank you and your staff for providing him with a wonderful base for his future education and social interactions with other children.

Maureen Tevlin (Luke Anger)

It has been pleasures to have both of my children attend Peppermint Tree. I have nothing but great things to say about the structure of Peppermint Tree and all of their staff.

My children absolutely love going to school there. Whatever age the children are, each class is very helpful and geared for the children with many learning opportunities. All of their classes are dedicated and my children have learned so much from each class. I love all of the wonderful activities and social events they put together for the families and the children. They provide so many fun filled, attention grabbing activities for the children each month. They have shown nothing but a loving and caring environment for the kids. It meant everything to me that I could go back to work knowing my children were safe, happy, learning, and having fun. I wish you guys many years of success, for I know that the few years I have been there it is a wonderful experience. Thanks again for doing such a great job!

Tracey Mulligan

My 3 children have all been going to the Peppermint Tree. It is by far the best pre-school in the area.

The entire staff is so warm and friendly and very personable. My children LOVE going and I love bringing them there, knowing that they will be well cared for. They have learned so much from their experiences here.

My kids come home tired, dirty, and happy, all three things that should happen coming home from camp! The school program is just as great!

Maria Caruso, Toms River, NJ

Our first experience with Peppermint Tree was with the Saturday Morning Music Class! Once we met Val and participated with the class, we knew Peppermint Tree would be our new "home".

Each child is made to feel so special and there is such a warm family atmosphere at PT that can't be matched. Val is passionate about education and laying the foundation for the future of our children. This philosophy shows in everything she does. We are thrilled to be a part of the Peppermint Tree experience!

Karen & Glenn Donohue

As a parent of a special needs 5 year old boy, I would like to take a moment to share my experience at Peppermint Tree Child Development Center with you.

My son was diagnosed with a form of Autism at 2 years old around the same time I needed to go back to work. I placed him in 3 Pre-Schools before I found Peppermint Tree. The other pre- schools were horrible experiences for both myself and my son. When I found PT I explained to the Director my dilemma and issues with my son and she listened with compassion and care. She made me feel comfortable and assured me that Niki would be well cared for.

Niki is now approaching his 6th birthday and still attends Peppermint Tree for before and after care and for their wonderful summer program ( they have 2 pools). The staff is nurturing, friendly, attentive and takes care of Niki (as well as the other children as if they were their own). He is his happiest when he is there and has learned so much from the wonderful teacher's he has had. When I leave him in the morning there is no doubt in my mind that he is being well cared for.  The facility itself is clean and has a huge playground for the kids to play and enjoy each other.

The Peppermint Tree staff go above and beyond their job responsibilities. They have also helped out my family and others through donations from staff and parents when in desperate need. I would recommend this facility to any family in the Toms River area looking for not just a child care facility but for an extended family!!!!!!!

Thank You Peppermint Tree we love you!!!!!

Andrea Marinkovic

This school is phenomenal! Both of my children attend, my 3 year-old attends Pre-School and my autistic, almost-six year-old attends Kindergarten, both of my children attend summer camp as well; and I have never seen them happier.

The Owner and her family of teachers and assistants go above and beyond what is required to include not only parents, but, grandparents, friends, etc. in school and community activities. The entire staff takes a personal interest in my children and especially my autistic child's growth and development, catering specific areas of his program to fit his needs. A five-star rating doesn't really do the Peppermint Tree justice.


I needed a preschool in Toms River, NJ and found tons to choose from.Peppermint tree was our choice and my son and I are both glad we chose them!

My son loved the Pre-K program and will be attending camp for the second summer in a row. I highly recommend this preschool and I know you won’t be disappointed!

Leo S., Toms River, NJ