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This week is “Gardening Week” at Peppermint Tree! The children will be planting vegetables in our “Giving Gardens”-donated to us by a generous grant from the non-profit Helping Others Grow! And, thanks to a donation from parent Joanne Engo, the children will also be planting “Sweet William” flowers to beautify our school grounds! The hands on learning will be enhanced by classroom lessons on gardening, and some in class plantings of beans and planting with a “root viewer”. Here are couple of the books we are using to round out the curriculum this week. The children will also be learning about the importance of eating healthy foods, like vegetable and fruits! Our families are also welcome to help us tend the gardens, especially on the weekends, by taking turns watering. Our families are the best!!!

The children at The Peppermint Tree Child Development Center in Toms River are learning how to grow their brains. Through an original set of lessons developed by the school’s director, Valerie Frost-Lewis, preschool students are learning that they have the power to actually grow their own brains. Based on research by Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D., one of the world’s leading researchers in discovering what makes people successful, Frost-Lewis has created developmentally appropriate lessons about the brain to motivate preschool students to be persistent in the face of a challenge; to work their brain to make it stronger. Dweck’s original research was targeted to middle school students, and she has also written books for adults.