Calling all families! Family Involvement Blossoms at The Peppermint Tree

February 8th, 2014 by Valerie Frost-Lewis

At The Peppermint Tree, we have a long-standing tradition of creating a community of families to support the development of the young children we serve. We welcome the whole family, not just the child who is a student, and provide a variety of activities and opportunities for engagement with the school. Each teacher holds a family event for their classroom during the school year, such as a Mother’s Day Tea, a Holiday Sing Along, a Family Picnic, etc.   In addition, a school-wide event is offered approximately each month.

Parent input is also welcomed.  Parents/Guardians are welcome to attend monthly meetings with the school director to help plan activities for the school community to enjoy. We are proud to be a part of the National “Strengthening Families Through Early Care and Education” program which provides us the framework for creating programs that strengthen families as well as the children we serve. 

Examples of the School-Wide Family Activities offered at The Peppermint Tree

Parent Orientation
Back to School Night for Children and Parents

Pumpkin Picking Hayride (Grandparents Invited)
Halloween Parade (Parents Invited)

Thanksgiving Feast

Pajama Night (Parent’s Night Out)

Parent Workshop (examples of topics we have offered include: Kindergarten Readiness, Conflict Resolution, Behavior Strategies, Developmental Milestones, CPR)

Pajama Night (Parent’s Night Out)

Family Fun Night (or family Game Night, or Crafty Recycling Night)


Ice Cream Social

Pre-K Graduation
Kindergarten End of Year Celebration

Research has shown that a strong predictor of school success is parent involvement.  We give our parents plenty f opportunities to participate at Peppermint Tree-providing an opportunity to start early on the road to school success.


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