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Dear Families,

Welcome to The Peppermint Tree Child Development Center, 2013 – 2014 school year. We are so very happy to have each and every one of you as part of our group of families this year.

We like to make sure you know what is happening at school, so each month you will receive this newsletter from me to keep you updated on events planned here at The Peppermint Tree. I also post the monthly newsletter on our website (  for your reference anytime. You can access the daily events calendar at our website at the following link:

Peppermint Tree Events Calendar:

If you have provided us with your email address, we will be emailing you each month with a link to the newsletter rather than giving you a paper newsletter. We would like to save paper where we can, but if you prefer to receive the paper version, please let me know.

For this first newsletter only, we are sending home a paper version to all families, as well as emailing a link to the online newsletter. If you did NOT receive the email from me, (sent Wednesday, 9/4/13) please send me a note with your email address so I can make sure you get the monthly school newsletter in the future.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to give us a call at the office @ (732) 929-2500.

Valerie Frost-Lewis , MS Ed.

(“Miss Val”)


Back to School Night – Wednesday, October 2nd at 6:30 p.m. 

You and your children are invited to our “Back to School Night” which will be held on Wednesday, October 2nd at 6:30 p.m.  Each classroom will be set up with tabletop activities and learning centers available for the children to participate in, so you can see how they are enjoying their Peppermint Tree experience.  It is also an opportunity to meet your child’s new friends, other parents and the teacher.  Please do not expect the teacher to provide you with details about your child’s progress, however.  That can be done in a private conference or on the telephone.

Strengthening Families Initiative – First Meeting: Monday, September 16th at 6:00 p.m (all parents/guardians and staff welcome)

The Peppermint Tree is pleased to be participating in the national Strengthening Families Initiative. Strengthening Families programs support child development by building strong partnerships with the parents and the families of the children in their program. Your Strengthening Families program is not only there for your child—it is there for you. Click HERE to go to the Strengthening Families website.

Activities last year included a parent workshop on CPR, and also a Thanksgiving Feast, an ice cream social, a Family Game Night and two Pajama Nights that allowed the parents a night out.

We are looking for parent and staff volunteers to work as part of a committee to help us to implement this program to benefit our families. We meet once per month to plan activities.   Our first meeting will be held on Monday, September 16th at 6:00 p.m. for one hour in The Peppermint Tree office.  Please email Miss Val at , call the office, or send a note in to your child’s teacher to RSVP to attend this meeting, which is open to all parents/guardians and staff.  We will provide child care free of charge during the meeting.

NEW THIS YEAR: After School Enrichment Program  (No extra charge- included with Full Day tuition, or the hourly child care rate)

(Programs for children three years old, by October 1, 2013, and older)


  • Certified, experienced and creative teacher provides daily age-appropriate activities.
  • Activities include: art projects, athletics, science, holidays, drama, cultural enrichment, reading time, service projects and more
  • Children will be encouraged to suggest themes, clubs and activities
  • Free time is always available for those who prefer to “do their own thing”

Monday through Friday

2:30 p.m.    Pre-School and Pre-K

4:00 p.m.    Kindergarten – Fifth Grades

5:00 p.m.    Homework Help

Enrichment Options Provided by Peppermint Tree Partners (additional fees apply)

The Peppermint Tree is pleased to offer two enrichment options that are provided by outside companies that visit Peppermint Tree. Your child does not have to be in our care during the class time to participate. You can bring your child in just for the enrichment class if you’d like. If your child is in care at the time of class, we will coordinate their attendance at the enrichment classes. We hope to make your life easier by offering these optional classes during the child care day, so once you pick up your child, you can have relaxing quality time together. No need to shuttle them around to various activities.

Here is the Fall schedule:

Tuesdays: The Fun Bus – “Mobile Gym” @ 9:30a.m., Free Demo 9/10.  This is a favorite of the children, they learn gymnastics skills and have a blast.

Fridays: Wee Can Dance – Pre-Ballet Dance class @ 2:00 p.m., Free Demo 9/13.  The amazing “Miss Heather” is once again teaching this class, and the children will be invited to participate in a Dance Recital at the end of the school year!

If you would like to sign your child up for either of these programs, watch for the forms and payment instructions to be sent home soon.  Each will be offering a Free Demo for your child to participate to see if they would like to join the class.

KidStuff Coupon Books – Please Support our Fall Fundraiser

Back by popular demand, we are selling the valuable, family-friendly KidStuff Coupon Books.   The cost of the book is only $25.00, and our school earns 50% profit, which will be spent directly on materials and enrichments for the children.  If you have attended in the past, you know that we always report the amount we make on fundraisers and what specifically is bought with the funds.   We are counting on our families to support this effort!   We are sending a book home with your child, for your review.  You must return the book if you are not purchasing it.  Sale ends, Friday, September 27th. 

Use just a few coupons and save more than the cost of the coupon book:  The book includes coupons from A & P, Pathmark, McDonald’s Friendly’s, Kohl’s, Five Below, TGI Fridays, Dunkin Donuts, Sears, Bed, Bath & Beyond and many many more stores, restaurants and family activity spots.  If your family sells five books, you get a book free!

Fire Drills:

Each month we will have scheduled fire drills on different days of the week and times of day. We have documented procedures for our staff to follow for all emergencies, and although we hope we will never need to use them, it is important for the staff and children to practice and feel comfortable with these procedures.

Your Child’s School Calendar:

Please take note of which calendar you are signed up for: “Peppermint Tree” or “Toms River Schools”. The “Toms River Schools” calendar observes all of the holidays and days off that the Toms River school system observes. The “Peppermint Tree” calendar has fewer days off and includes 18 more days of care (than the Toms River Schools calendar) during the school year. Please visit or call the office if you need to confirm your calendar.  Please note: Thursday, September 5th is a day off for those on the Toms River calendar, as Toms River Schools are closed for a Jewish holiday.

School Portraits – Picture Day is coming: Wednesday, September 25 & Thursday, September 26 at 9:15 a.m.

Please dress your child comfortably, so they will enjoy the day and the picture taking experience!  There is no obligation to purchase any pictures.  The photographer will take individual pictures, a class photo and sibling groupings (we will also do cousin groupings, upon request!).  If your child does not attend on a Wednesday or a Thursday morning, you may bring him/her in to get their picture taken on one of the mornings.   Then in a month or so we will send home a package of photos for you to review.  You may either purchase all or some of the pictures, or return them.


  • Please return all paperwork, including medical forms, etc.
  • Every child under the age of five MUST have a flu shot between September 1st and December 31 each school year.  This is a New Jersey State law for children in preschool.  The only exceptions are those with a written medical exemption by the doctor or a religious exemption signed by both parents.  Please send in your child’s immunization update when this is completed.
  • We have several busses coming and going at different times of the day. Please do not park at the yellow curb in front of the school on Partridge Street. In addition, please do not park at the head of the driveway. If you are exiting your vehicle at drop off or pick up, park in the back parking lot or on the street, avoiding the yellow curb.
  • To avoid a delay in the pickup line at 11:25 or 1:55 dismissal times, please pull your car forward, to the tree, to fasten seat belts.  Also, please turn your car off while waiting for the line to start moving.
  • Speed limit is 5 mph in the driveway. Please observe for the safety of all.

Special Note: We take photos all year long to document the children’s progress and to remember all the fun and enriching activities we have been experiencing. While we will never identify a child by name, we often put pictures of our activities in our photo albums, on the classroom walls, and sometimes post photos on our website. In the future we may want to place new photos in a brochure for the school, press release or advertisement. Please let us know if we do not have your permission to take photographs that include your child.

Thanks! Let’s have a great school year together!

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